Review: Slang - Garden City

Slang is a band/project that does a rare thing for me. Immediately in the first 5 seconds of listening to the first song on their newest album, Garden City, the song Red River, I dug them/him immensely. The song starts out like an awesome hybrid of Joe Satriani if he played for Deep Purple (he actually did for a Japanese tour) and features tasty organ licks and great shred guitars. Speaking of Japanese, if an Anime company called up Slang to use this song as a theme song for an anime film it wouldn’t surprise me, a very anthemic and catchy track.
The second song, is a far funkier track that almost reminds one of a mid-eighties action movie where the camera is craning down on the city in the beginning. That’s not a knock though, as the ensuing jazzy guitar makes the song shine.  This is the eighth solo album by Slang, a guitarist/musician hailing from Winnipeg Canada who is eclectic to say the least.

The album continues with songs like Heartland which feature some softer strains and touching acoustic parts that cleanse the palette.

Bug Juice is the third track, and almost reminds one of an instrumental classic era Chili Peppers or Faith No More track.
Slang, at least on this album, is an instrumental only artist, though in this case it’s quite refreshing. There are enough vocal like melodies to make hooks aplenty.

Songs like Northgate, continue in an almost grungy rock direction until the proggy keyboards come in.

The Witches Hut is a pure prog rocker with a gothic haunted house touch, awesome technical rock with a great feel.

Further songs like Amber Trail are cut from the same cloth as some of the funkier tracks,
Though then are tracks Monkey Tree recalling some of Steve Vai’s rockier moments.

Overall, as a double album, the album goes through various moods and textures and is challenging in its breadth and depth and sheer length, but is ultimately rewarding to your rock or metal warrior out to take the time to dig in. The production is perfect and balanced, with a sheen that rivals million dollar productions.

Do I recommend the album? I would have to say yes, especially for fans of energetic and varied instrumental rock and metal.

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