Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Rise and Fall of Queensryche

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog. Queensryche is no longer about the music anymore. Everyone is guilty from "the fans" to band members themselves.

Comments about comments on social media, the media itself (Blubberfluffmouth). You barely hear anyone actually talking about the music anymore. Whatever Geoff Tate's doing is the number one topic. Look in the usual places online and most messages are about Tate and less the other members' new album. But this is the digital world.

In the non-digital world, more people are showing up at new Queensryche shows and less people give a crap about Tate with only 100-200 morons paying for it. People still forgive the guy like Ray Alder and Sammy Hagar. I'm Fates Warning won't be touring with Geoff Tate. I know Nick Van Dyk from Redemption would agree to a tour with Geoff Tate but Ray can tour with him if he has a successful solo career.

I would hope the new album changes those perceptions but it truly won't until Geoff Tate gets his settlement and leaves the band forever.