Saturday, October 28, 2017

Review: Ravenscroft Single -The Chase w/ My Dearest One

Review: Ravenscroft- The Chase w/ My Dearest One (Single)

Ravenscroft describes themselves as "a seasoned foursome of musicians whose individual backgrounds and eclectic educations present handsomely delivered melodic alternative rock. With some of the greatest rock performers in their favored list of influences, Ravenscroft synthesizes the monumental sounds of blues/early roots rock, the psychedelic/ acid rock of the late 1960’s, the harder rock and metal impact of the 1970’s and the 1980’s, the 90’s grunge influence of Seattle." 

That may be a mouthful, but nevertheless, they deliver on this mix of sounds on their new single releases, "The Chase" and "My Dearest One". 

"The Chase" is the heavier of the two songs, featuring doomy and grungy guitars. "My Dearest One" is a heartfelt ballad featuring some very soulful vocals and guitar solos. If you miss the ballads of the early 90's by the likes of Guns and Roses and others, then that one is for you. I don't mean that as a complaint by the way, it is my favorite of the songs released, but then again, I've always been a sucker for power ballads (have even written a few myself!)

My Dearest One has a very infectious groove that will stay stuck in your head for days. It straddles the line between the 70's, 80's and modern time just as the band's description states. Overall, I dug both songs, but wanted to note that the band especially stands out because of the vocals, that being the band's secret weapon, Ralph Buso.

His gritty, whisky soaked voice could rival a Myles Kennedy in all their glory, and in this age of wussy clean vocals in the middle of extreme riffs after some extreme vocals (cough "Djent" cough), that usually sound like some bad Backstreet Boys/One Direction castaway meets some lousy pop punk band that plays at the local bar, they deliver! It's very refreshing to hear clean vocals done in a way that recalls vintage Chris Cornell, Rich Robinson, or even the underrated John Corabi in the music scene nowadays. 

Overall, Ravenscroft follow up on the hype in their proclamations. 
Let them continue to fly the banner of Rock!

You can check out Ravenscroft at the following places: 

Twitter: @ravenscroftofcl 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Review: Back To Eden- Twin Flame (Single)

Back to Eden is the solo project of Guitarist/Bassist/Songwriter Edan Hoy from Melbourne, Australia. In collaboration with vocalist Aliz, plus special guest musicians from all over the world; according to their press release, they play 'Old School' Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, similar to that of Metallica, Judas Priest and Dio.
Their new single, Twin Flame, has premiered and it is exactly what they describe it as, maybe with a little bit of Accept and other German sounds thrown in there. Reading the lyrics, now this is an interesting subject matter for a traditional/power metal song. It seems that they are talking about the idea of "Twin Flames" which is related to the ages old concept of "Soulmates" but a bit different and is often associated with a lot of the "New Age" movement. 
The production of Twin Flame is good, pretty much standard, but I would say that it could take a few more chances. That said, I am mixed on a lot of the modern methods of metal production, so it could just be the cynical snarky metal elitist in me that is coming through on that remark. It is clear and cutting and does well to propel the song forward. 
The vocals are clean but slightly gruff, probably why it it reminds me of some of the German bands as they often have this quality (which I like). The leads are good but not overbearing with shred like a lot of bands would do.
The chorus has the gang vocals that recall a lot of the anthemic songs of yesteryear as well.

Overall, Back to Eden remind me a lot of the late Nineties Power/Traditional metal resurgence that bands like Hammerfall or Nocturnal Rites were part of. Do we need more bands like this? Well with the glut of kids not even knowing the roots of metal coming up, and the overabundance of bands playing super downtuned sometimes indistinguishable sub sub sub genres like Djent/math/metalcore/post metal black metal whatever with a thousand breakdowns and tuned to drop Z and totally taking precedence over all that is considered metal, I would say a resounding YES! 

Having new traditional metal bands is never a bad thing to keep things in perspective, and also to kick a lot of metal ass. 

Check out the video to this song (and further links below to check out Back to Eden): 

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