Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"I Grew Out of Metal!!!" Stay tuned for this special message!


Juozas said...

Well, often I've seen in my country that the people who say they've grown out of metal are the type that Jello Biafra "call harder-core than thou", or in this case - "more metal than thou". Basically, angsty teens who try to be as metal as they can be, etc., and if you embrace a lifestyle like this, sooner or later you're gonna revolt against it and become the kind of person you once rebelled against. I should know, my cousin is this kind of type who listened to Sepultura as a kid but then "grew out of it".

dare said...

Hey dude,

Your blog was featured on my latest Dmuzik Show episode 20.

When are we gonna get another update dude? Enjoy your writings

dare said...

aha! New profile pic!

A million times better, dude. Good